Bounce House Safety and Supervision

Bounce HouseAs a parent, I’m sure that you are aware of the fact that kids often do things they are not supposed to. Whether playing inside or outside, toddlers frequently test the lines of right and wrong. Because children are apt to make mistakes, which could be harmful to them and others, it is important that you supervise their activities while playing inside a bounce house.

Obviously, children must not enter the bounce house with any sharp objects such as jewelry, toys or other items. Additionally, food and drinks should never be permitted in a bounce house as they create conditions where children may choke and/or slip. The only way to see that your children and the bounce house stays safe is to monitor their activities at all times when they are playing inside their bounce house.

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Wind Responsible for Most Serious Bounce House Injuries

Wind DangerIn most cases, parents do not let their children go out to play when the weather is bad. Especially when it comes to bounce houses, it is more important than ever for parents to be aware of the weather forecast. Wind, for example, is responsible for the most serious bounce house injuries that children endure. Even a short gust of wind is all that is needed to send a bounce house flying through the air.

Although wind is responsible for many avoidable bounce house injuries, rain also can be dangerous too. If kids are slipping inside of a bounce house, they may actually hit other children as they are falling. Whether it’s from rain, or sweat from children hard at play, slips inside of a bounce house often result in bumps and bruises. While not life threatening, we can protect our children from these types of injuries by simply exercising some common sense beforehand.

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Where to Get Bounce House Safety Information At

ResourcesAlthough new bounce houses are supposed to ship with detailed safety information, many don’t. In fact, some bounce houses are imported from overseas and their instructions and spelling often leave parents less prepared to ensure the safety of their children. However, there are additional online resources which are available to help.

A company named Bounce House Play has a pretty comprehensive bounce house safety overview here. Unlike most retailers of new bounce houses, they really do a good job of informing their customers on the safe uses of bounce houses. In fact, they have a pretty impressive video posted which shows how wind can take a bounce house and actually blow it away. If nothing else, I would definitely check out Bounce House Play’s safety video to get a better idea of why safety so important.

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Overhead Inflatable Bounce House Hazards

Electric Line HazardAlthough inflatable bounce houses are quite durable, many hazards exist which can damage a bounce house or injure children. One of the most serious dangers to children is allowing them to play inside the inflatable when it is in close proximity to aerial objects.

Although many newer homes reside in communities where underground cabling and electricity is supplied, most homeowners still are supplied electrical service using a line drop from a telephone poll. These electrical lines typically droop and are not very high off of the ground. With some bounce house models reaching a height of ten feet or greater, this places them dangerously close to the level at which electrical lines are typically found. Therefore, it is extremely important that you are aware of your surroundings when inflating your bounce house.

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Preparing a Lawn for Safe Bounce House Inflation

LawnWhen it comes to outdoor fun, one of the first things we must do as parents is make sure that the lawn is free from debris. Sticks, stones and other items can be dangerous to kids that are running around. When it comes to a bounce house, objects left on the lawn can actually puncture the vinyl.

Before inflating a bounce house outside, it is a good idea to pick up all of the large objects that you see. Keep sticks and other items away from children as they tend to play with these objects and may try to take them into the bounce house once it is inflated. Young children also have a habit of throwing stones, which is hazardous under any condition, and those should be discarded as well.

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